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Tank Test Laboratories Ltd commenced operation as a Testing Laboratory in 1986 and became an incorporated company in March 1987.

In 2009 Tank Test sold its operations to Aber Investments Ltd, a Hamilton-based, family-owned company. Formed in 1979, Aber was involved in the 1980ís with the development ion NZ LPG and CNG automotive industry and was a leading equipment suppliers of carburation equipment and LPG tanks. With the decline of this sector, Aber has developed its business with the supply of LPG cylinders and regulators residential and commercial sectors, and the further into the supply of initially gas appliances, but now lifestyle appliances for NZ indoor and outdoor applications.

Based on Aberís supply of gas equipment over the past 30 years, in particular LPG cylinders and regulators, over the past few years the Group has further expanded its business in these sectors in terms of entering the Gas Cylinder re-testing industry, that is a natural extension of its supply of gas equipment, and now into the service aspects of this sector. Additionally the Group has also increased its focus on extending its range of industrial gas equipment and further extended our range of product we supply the NZ market.

In specific relation to the re-testing industry, with the acquisition on Tank Test, we also entered a formal relationship with Kwik Swap (now OnGas) to establish the 9kg swap market in New Zealand. To provide a national service in 2010 Tank Test Laboratories Ltd acquired Christchurch-based Canterbury Cylinder Testing to further reinforce commitment to growing the NZ gas and cylinder testing industries.

Canterbury Cylinder Testing was formed in 2006 and has built strong customer relationships as a highly respected cylinder testing business, offering great service at competitive prices.

In 2013, with the synergies between Aberís gas equipment division, and Tank Test business, these operations were combined under the banner AberGas Limited in September 2013.

The combined business now bring a dedicated focus to the supply of gas equipment and services to NZís energy and utility companies.


Our North Island site provides services for the Auckland Region and assistance for the South Island site and New Zealand as a whole.

Tank Test supports local economies and employs local people where possible. All employees undergo internal training to ensure safe, courteous and productive handling of all testing requirements.

The testing and refurbishment of cylinders reduces the need for imports and the reclaiming and reusing of gasses reduces environmental waste.

Tank Test Laboratories has the capability to carry out specified tests. At our North Island site, this includes: water jacketed hydraulic test, burst test, and pulsation test as well as proof and hydrostatic stretch test. Other special tests are also undertaken, such as refrigerant coils, valves, custom-built equipment, ISO tank valves and pneumatic and hydraulic hoses.

Both our sites re-furbish cylinders for various companies and this service consists of repairing, testing, shot blasting and painting.


Qualified Staff
Our customers rely on Tank Test Laboratories' specialist expert knowledge, comprehensive service and uncompromising standards to test and refurbish gas cylinders. They also rely on us for the peace of mind and have been able to do so since 1986 when we were formed.

Our fully qualified, highly experienced team of experts provides nationwide service from our Registered Laboratories located in Auckland and Christchurch.

These laboratories exceed ISO 9002 standards and our test stations are approved to International Accreditation of New Zealand (IANZ), Standards Australia; a standard that includes NZS/ISO/IEC 17025.

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