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Our North Island site sells all sizes of LPG cylinders, forklift cylinders, COČ and Mig welding cylinders. Some camping equipment, portable fridges, LPG regulators, hoses and fittings are also sold.

Our showroom is now open Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm, where we currently have a selection of cabinet heaters, radiant heaters and patio heaters along with two and three burner stoves.

All services shown below are offered at our North Island site. Our South Island Island site offers testing and refurbishing services only:



SCUBA Cylinders
Tested to AS/NZS2337.1 and in accordance with 'The Guide to Gas Cylinders'.
Our breathing air complies with AS/NZS2299.1:2007 and DIN12021
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9.0kg LPG Cylinders
Fully refurbished and certified for 10 years to AS2337.1-2004 Tank Test Laboratories is EPA approved and an IANZ accredited test station.
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Paint Ball Cylinders
Testing $39.00
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Mig Welding Gas Cylinders
certified for 5 years $225.00
Mig Welding Gas Fill
Filling from $80.00
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Forklift Cylinders
Selling from $250.00
Testing $94.00
Filling from $50.00
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18kg, 27kg & 45kg Cylinders
Selling from $260.00
Testing from $77.00
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IBC Testing

IBC Steel
Testing all types of IBC Stainless Steel $125.00


Portable Heaters
Servicing & Repairing
Full Service $65.00
Outdoor Heaters
Repairing from $65.00

Fittings, Hoses & Regulators

Fittings from $8.00
Hoses from $12.50/m
Regulators from $43.00
Selling and repairing


Multi Purpose Burners
Complete $150.00
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