Tank Test Laboratories was formed in 1986. We operate Registered Laboratories, incorporating ISO 9002 standards. We recondition and refurbish cylinders in a controlled environment, ensuring the highest levels of safety are satisfied. All equipment is maintained for optimum performance and reliability. Our team members are trained to ensure our quality values are delivered with courteous professionalism.


Our Test Stations are approved to International Accreditation of New Zealand (I.A.N.Z.) and this incorporates NZS/ISO/IEC17025.

Tank Test Laboratories has the capacity to design, inspect and test a large range of pressure vessels and their ancillaries through its highly experienced and professional staff.

Tank Test performs different and unique types of tests.

At our North Island site, we undertake hydro tests, burst tests and fatigue (pulsation) tests as well as mechanical tests. At this site, we have the only laboratory in NZ that can undertake Proof and Hydro stretch tests up to 70000KPa (10000 psi) using a water jacketed rig to test fibre-wrapped breathing apparatus(BA) cylinders, SCUBA cylinders, life raft cylinders, oxygen cylinders and air receivers. Custom-built cylinders, pipes, valves, hydraulic and air hoses are also tested.

New imported cylinders are type-tested at both sites to ensure they comply with New Zealand regulations.

The equipment photographs on this page are from our Manukau Testing Station.


Our testing equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure we provide accurate and reliable information for customers. Our in-house expert engineers ensure that reports satisfy all current NZ legislation and industry safety standards.


We undertake testing using effective and efficient internal processes ensuring our quality standards are attained. Each job is tracked and every reconditioning and refurbishment stage is checked. A certificate of completion is provided for customers complete with our warranty for work completed.


By maintaining existing cylinders and getting them filled by Tank Test, our Manukau customers reduce the need to buy new cylinders and having to drive to have them filled.

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